Within the framework of the project beneficiaries are provided with: 

- Peer-to-peer counseling, 

- Social support and counseling, 

- Legal consultation and support, 

- Psychological support, 

- Self-help and mutual aid groups, 

- Transfer of ARV drugs in RA and outside of RA, 

- Mobile team visits, guidance, 

- Provision of material support, 

- Protection of beneficiaries' interests, 

- Strengthening the potential of the public, 

- Other services. 

To ensure the efficient delivery of care and support services by the organization, a multidisciplinary team is involved in providing the services.

This team
comprises of:

- social worker, 

- psychologist, 

- consultant, 

- lawyer. 

The work of specialists with beneficiaries is guided by the following principles:  

- Uphold the supremacy of human rights  

- Maintain the privacy of personal data  

- Ensure transparency and accountability in all activities  

- Act in the best interest of the beneficiary  

- Adopt an individualized and needs-based approach to each beneficiary  

- Respect the beneficiary's right to self-determination. 

Prevention of HIV infection 

Within the framework of the project, the following are implemented: 

 - Organizing public events aimed at raising awareness about HIV. 

- Conducting courses and workshops for different groups of society to provide them with information about HIV, its transmission, prevention, and treatment.  

- Disseminating information about HIV through social media. 

- Preparing and distributing informational materials about HIV and its prevention. 

- Documenting cases of discrimination related to HIV and preparing reports. 

- Other activities.