Under the “Changing the agenda on issues of domestic violence in Armenia” project, a training course entitled “Combating gender-based violence against women living with HIV and IDU in Armenia” was conducted. On February 24th, approximately 50 employees from regional centers of the unified social service operating under the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia gathered to participate in the training. It was initiated by the United Nations Trust Fund, Coalition to Stop Violence against Women, and the “Real World, Real People” NGO with the support of the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The course covered several essential topics, including the fundamentals of HIV and AIDS, the issue of violence, discrimination, and stigma concerning women who are IDU and those living with HIV. It also delved into the specific aspects of working with IDUs and addressed personal data protection and socio-psychological nuances when working with individuals living with HIV. The trainers were the members of RWRP NGO, the president Zhenya Mayilian, the project coordinators Sargis Avetisyan and Nairuhi Safaryan, and the lawyer-expert Vaghinak Ter-Hovhannisyan. During the training, the trainers also organized interactive activities for the employees of the regional centers of the unified social service. The participants were divided into teams and given mock cases to solve, allowing them to apply their newly acquired knowledge practically. The training provided an opportunity for participants to ask questions and receive comprehensive answers, ensuring that they left with a full understanding of the material covered. Upon completion of the training, all participants were awarded certificates of participation as a recognition of their active engagement and successful completion of the course.