On October 6, our organization, RWRP SNGO, celebrated its 20th anniversary with a gathering that included colleagues, former employees, supporters, government officials, and friends. To adhere to the current circumstances, we chose to mark this milestone modestly and officially. During the event, attendees had the opportunity to learn about the organization's 20-year journey through informative booths. Following this, the official part of the celebration commenced with a speech by our organization's president, Zhenya Mayilian. In her address, she thanked the organization's founders, especially Hovhannes Madoyan, along with all our partners, and well-wishers for their years of collaboration. Zhenya Mayilian also stressed the significance of the enduring trust that people living with HIV have placed in our RWRP SNGO team over the years, as they continue their journey together. As part of the celebration, the documentary film "Us" was screened which was produced this year. This film provides insights into the organization's employee relationships, traditions, historical path, challenges faced, and strategies for overcoming them. Additionally, organization's staff prepared a surprise for the President of RWRP, presented by Anna Abgaryan and Nairuhi Safaryan. They honored her with a symbolic statuette and a letter of appreciation on behalf of the RWRP SNGO team and the beneficiaries we serve. To support our cause, we set up a "Donation box" during the event, with all collected funds will be directed to meet the needs of compatriots living with HIV who were forcibly displaced from Artsakh.