Months ago, Hovsep Davtyan, an employee of RWRP SNGO, took part in a 14-module course under the "Step Up" initiative by the European AIDS Treatment Group. This was followed by involvement in a grant program competition, which, with collective efforts, resulted in RWRP SNGO winning the grant.

As part of this grant, from August 16 to 18, Real World, Real People SNGO organized a camp named "Harm Reduction by Youth Involvement" for adolescents living with HIV. The camp aimed to address HIV-related issues. The program involved a 2-day course that included sessions for 12 participants and a round-table discussion. At the start of the camp, Tatev Nalbandian, a social worker at RWRP SNGO, welcomed the attendees and discussed sexual and reproductive health with the teenagers. Following this, Erik Hakobyan, a specialist from RWRP SNGO's information and public relations department, spoke about social media, media literacy, their proper utilization, identifying target audiences, and the creation of media content. On the second day, the adolescents were informed about the prevalence of drugs in RA and the ongoing preventive efforts in that context. Recognizing the specific age group of the teenagers, the RWRP SNGO team also organized a round table discussion focusing on bullying and its various forms, led by Nane Petrosyan. Throughout the camp, topics such as stigma, discrimination, and the use of discriminatory language in media and social platforms were also covered. The training sessions and discussions were followed by practical assignments, through which the RWRP SNGO staff gauged the campers' understanding of the presented material.

The project was carried out with financial support from the European AIDS Treatment Group.