Social workers and psychologists from care centers for the elderly, operating under the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, gathered at the ministry on June 13 to take part in a course organized by the NGO "Real World, Real People" (RWRP). Prior to the training, Zhenya Mayilian, the president of RWRP, met with representatives from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to discuss various sector-related issues. After reviewing Mayilian's proposed program, which aimed to train 600 specialists, an agreement was reached with the ministry representatives to implement it. The first course was conducted by Tatev Nalbandyan and Mariam Karapetyan, social workers from RWRP. They provided an overview of HIV and AIDS, addressed stigma and discrimination, and emphasized the vital role of helping professionals. The training followed an interactive format, allowing for discussions and practical examples.
The project is supported by the United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS.