Regional workshop on improving the quality of data analysis on HIV infection in key population groups for eastern european and central asian countries is held in Tbilisi, Georgia on april 24-28 organized by the WHO european regional office.From Armenia, the event was attended by the Chairman of the NGO "Real World, Real People" Zhenya Mailyan, the head of the Monitoring Department of the National Center for Infectious Diseases of the Republic of Armenia Marietta Mirzoyan and the monitoring evaluation specialist of the group coordinating the programs of the Global Fund of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia Naira Sergeeva.
Among the main topics of the event:
- Routine data with a separate focus on testing, diagnostics and treatment of HIV among key groups conducting IBBS including "light" and online research formats as well as methods of assessment of HIV
-Assessment of the number of key groups, including new methods and approaches extrapolation of data quality
-Triangulation of the number of key groups and cascade models
-Strategic planning within national programs mapping technical assistance needs:
Following the results of the workshop, each of the 14 participating countries will prepare national plans for the collection , analysis and use of data for key groups for the period 2023-2036